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Posted by SSTechBlog on 20 June 2011 1 Comment

Envato has just released their ‘Freelance Mac App Bundle‘ that is valued at $300 but you get it for $49. Often bundles have a few good items but the rest are never heard of apps, but that is not the case in this instance. The bundle includes some fantastic Apps that are great value for money.

What’s in the bundle?

  1. 1Password: 1Password really is a great app and it combined with one other app will make the $49 price worthwhile. 1Password is valued at $39 and is a Mac App that securely stores passwords and allows for syncing (via dropbox) with other devices (Windows, iPhones etc). This app is one of the easiest to use Apps for storing passwords and also was listed as being one of the best Mac Apps in 2010. Click here to see an in depth review of 1Password by Mac Appstorm
  2. Billings: Billings is an essential App for freelancers that streamlines the process of quotes, invoicing and keeping track of time spent on projects to help with the invoicing process. Check out the review at Mac Appstorm here
  3. TextExpander: TextExpander is a great App that will save you precious time each and every day. TextExpander allows you to save snippets of text (or code) and then insert into an email, document etc via user designated shortcuts. Click here to see the Mac Appstorm review of TextExpander.
  4. LittleSnapper: LittleSnapper makes it easy to take screenshots and clipping of websites, and then store them in an easy to search format to help you find what you need when you need it. Click here for the Mac Appstorm review.
  5. WriteRoom: WriteRoom is an app that removes all distractions from you’re writing environment, taking you to a full screen mode that only includes basic writing functionality. Personally, it’s not worth $25 but it’s definitely worth it as a part of this bundle. Check out the review here.
  6. Radium: Radium is a menu bar app that makes listening to internet radio simple, allowing for easy searching as well as avoiding the use of a web browser. Definitely worth it’s normal price of $10 but is much cheaper combined with all the other members of the bundle. See the review here.
  7. Arq: Arq is an app that makes it simple to backup your computer to Amazon S3. This is a great solution as you remain in complete control of your data with pricing as little as 14c per GB of storage and 10c per GB of transfer to the servers. This means that for 50GB of backup you’d be paying $13 which is far cheaper than many other solutions whilst giving you complete control of your data. Check our the review here.
  8. Alarms: Alarms is an App that makes it simple to create alarms that remind you of whatever you want. See their site here for more details and have a look at the review here.

Bonus Items

  1. Translucent business card: This translucent business card is a fantastic Adobe Illustrator template that can be used to print translucent business cards. Note: The business cards cannot be printed on normal paper to be translucent
  2. Highlight – Premium WordPress Theme: This is one part of the bundle that is fantastic value for money that is valued at $35 and yet you are getting it for far less. This WordPress theme has unlimited colour schemes, so check it out.
  3. Ultimate Client Manager: The Ultimate Client Manager is a fantastic PHP/MySQL script that makes it easy to store all the information you need, about clients as well as integrating a support requests system.

The bundle also includes the Rockstar Freelance Book

Why should I get it?

So, you’re wondering if it’s worth $49. It definitely is worth spending $49 for me. The reason being is that the combination of the Apps I would love to have (1Password, Billings, TextExpander, Radium and Arq, as well as the Premium WordPress Theme and Ultimate Client Manager) total $210 in value which means I am saving $161. Oh, and I get some bonus Apps and items to play around with :) Sounds good doesn’t it. Click here to purchase the bundle

Posted by SSTechBlog   @   20 June 2011 1 comments
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1 Comment


Daniel says:

I am thinking about getting it purely for 1password (I’m always having to reset my passwords) and Billings (I’m a freelance designer, so this will be nice).

Great write up about the bundle!

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